[ENG] Random Table: 20 fearsome epithets for Sword & Sorcery villains

As part of my preparation for a Conan campaign, I currently have a lot of ideas for Sword & Sorcery. Of course, epic, terrifying epithets for villains belong to it! Therefore I have twenty of them for you. Not only do they sound imposing, but they also bring further implications to what makes the antagonists special.

They also suit many other fantasy settings.

Random Table

1Defiler of Temples
2the Great Arsonist
3Terror of the Peasants
4Thorn in Flesh of Kings
5Biggest of all Boozers
6the Undefeated
7the Decapitator
8Grinder of Fortresses
9the Bloodstained Blade
10the Knife in the Shadows
11King of the Outcasts
12Lord of Brigands
13Liberator of the Oppressed
14Whip on the Back of Princes
15the Coming Storm
16the Seducer of Beauties
17Bearer of a Thousand Scars
18the Lurking Death
19the Skull Cleaver
20Devourer of his/her Enemies‘ Hearts

„Hear my name and despair!“

Here they are! What’s your favorite? Do the enemies in your campaign have mighty and fearsome names?

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