Random Table: 6 secrets in an antique safe [English]

The French family estate is old, very old and yet has survived Europe’s eventful history almost unscathed. Just like the family itself, even though it changed its name several times through marriage. There is an antique safe in the manor that holds many things, but above all a secret that the family watches over with extreme suspicion.

But surely there is someone who will pay to acquire it through the hands of the PCs. Ready for a heist?

The Table

D6The Secret
1A few documents clearly show the location of an important treasure that has long been considered lost, such as the Sceptre of Dagobert or the famous Florentine Diamond.
2Extensive correspondence proves that one member of the family is the illegitimate child of a European royal family, including a claim to a significant inheritance.
3As an old business dynasty, you often get your hands dirty enough to keep an eye on your competitors, as evidenced by the identities of a number of high-ranking industrial spies.
4The safe hides documents that clearly show that they are responsible for one of the biggest chemical disasters due to corruption, safety violations and substandard materials.
5Nothing less than the famous stolen objects from a decades-old art heist are carefully rolled up here. Was it ever hung up and adored?
6Numerous photos show the now deceased great-grandfather and armaments magnate smiling next to people like Philippe Pétain and Albert Speer.
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