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Random Table: 6 cthulhoid cases in modern times [English]

These cases are mainly designed to fit best in more recent times. In terms of approach, they’re aimed more at groups of professional investigators, but no matter if you’re using Delta Green, Call of Cthulhu, or some other Lovecraftian game.

All right, put your badge on the belt and get to the crime scene!

The Table

D6The cases
1A series of ritual murders shocks the public. What has not been carried out in the press so far: The killer removes the brains of the victims. Bizarre wall drawings of the serial killer indicate that he wants to give them to his „angels“.
Subject: Mi-Go (The Whisperer in the Dark)
2Presumably at the time when the experimental indie band Erich’s Heirs was on stage, a fringe club suddenly imploded. The search for survivors continues. Witnesses on the street report an atonal cacophony of flute sounds just before the disaster.
Subject: Azathoth, Erich Zann (The Music of Erich Zann)
3With no relatives when an elderly Boston art collector dies, an administrator of her estate is appointed. A voice message left for a friend auctioneer about a spectacular art find is his last sign of life. He is found dead in the estate the next day.
Subject: Ghoule, Richard Upton Pickman (Pickman’s Model)
4Cases at sea are particularly challenging. When an oil prospecting ship in the North Atlantic stops responding, a first team discovers that no one is on board. The log says they have found something odd. Then only „He is calling!“.
Subject: Gloon (The Temple)
5A great technical visionary behaves strangely after a prolonged unconsciousness and withdraws company resources for a secret project. This worries not only the board, but also the government, as the company is also involved in the defense industry.
Subject: Yithaner (The Shadow out of Time)
6What appeared to be a simple house fire took a turn when firefighters were unable to control the greenish flames for hours. The fire immediately triggered an alarm, and in addition to the fire investigation, the Environmental Protection Agency, the Counter Terrorism Division and the NBC Protection Division are also involved.
Subject: Tulzscha (The Festival)
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