[ENG] Random Table: The Troubleshooters – 6 Octopus Plot Hooks

To celebrate the successful crowdfunding of the German edition of The Troubleshooters, I’ve taken on its setting to bring you six relevant plot hooks in today’s random table. The English edition was one of my highlights of 2021, so I’m even more pleased that Green Gorilla is bringing it to life with so much encouragement from the German roleplaying scene.

So far, unfortunately, I’ve only been able to play the game twice (actually gm it), but have gathered a lot of ideas that I’d like to share with you. As they should, they revolve around the characters‘ arch-enemy: Octopus!

The Random Table

D6The evil plot
1You notice that the local underworld boss has been acting strangely lately. His people are following more and more aggressive orders, mainly directed against competitors, but are starting to get restless as the day-to-day business is lying idle. Not coincidentally, the boss has had a new sweetheart for a couple of months who is subtly influencing him. She is an infiltrator of the Octopus, who wants to wrap his tentacles around organized crime.
2An ornithologist contacts you and reports that all sorts of birds have been behaving strangely lately: They circle over the same place for a long time, sit in front of windows endlessly, and generally don’t bother with their environment. If you follow them, you’ll notice that sooner or later they all head for the radio station of a popolar station. From there, an Octopus scientific facility is testing its new prototype of spy robot birds.
3The visit of an important personality is coming to a small town. It could be a minister, entrepreneur or movie star. In any case, great preparations are underway to show themselves in the very best light. Among other things, a catering company has been paid from outside. Behind it, however, are agents of the Octopus, who want to kidnap this very personality and replace it with a doppelganger.
4The mayor has cleared a derelict site for commerce, and hardly anyone would take notice if the heiress of an ancient noble family hadn’t started a legal battle because she claims parts of the land. When her efforts are torpedoed by strangers, she asks the Troubleshooters for help. Those who sneak onto the site discover that, in addition to the surface buildings, an underground base is also being set up.
5After the local sports festival, a few of the top-ranked students from the higher classes are nowhere to be found. Investigations with the families reveal that all of them had previously told of mysterious, good job offers. It is also known at the school that most were ruffians, pranksters or intellectual troublemakers. Here begins the trail to a recruitment wave of future Octopus thugs.
6Who is the old woman who moved into the place? She lives a bit outside, goes shopping only at the most inconvenient times and hardly ever talks to people. So far not unusual for solitary people, had she not put the village drunkard in his place with a judo grip. When coarse characters start to ask after her, it becomes suspicious. She is a retired agent who keeps secrets that the octopus would love to know.

A case for true troubleshooters

These are the villainous plans of this dangerous organization. Will your Troubleshooters be able to stop them?

If you’ve already played the system, I’d love to hear about your adventures!

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